2019-2020 Harris Creek Elementary PTA

Executive Board

President Jessica Hood president@harriscreekpta.com
Vice President Nichi Mitchell vp@harriscreekpta.com
Secretary Jennifer Freeman secretary@harriscreekpta.com
Treasurer Ashley Schneider treasurer@harriscreekpta.com

Contact the Entire HCES PTA Board - E-mail:  board@harriscreekpta.com

Committee Chairpersons

5th Grade Celebration

Board Sponsor : Jessica Hood
E-mail: 5thgradecelebration@harriscreekpta.com

Athletic Club
Chairperson: VACANT

Board Sponsor : Jennifer Freeman
E-mail: AthleticClub@harriscreekpta.com

Chairpersons: VACANT

Board Sponsor : Nichi Mitchell
E-mail: grounds@harriscreekpta.com

Book Fair
Chairpersons: Ashley Schneider

Board Sponsor : Ashley Schneider
Faculty Advisor: Karen Ellington (Media Center Director)
E-mail: bookfair@harriscreekpta.com

Cultural Arts
Chairperson: VACANT

Board Sponsor : Jennifer Freeman
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Kimberly Demartz
E-mail: culturalarts@harriscreekpta.com

Event Coordonator (Fun Run and EFF)
Chairpersons: Niroshi Wijewickrema

Board Sponsor : Jessica Hood
E-mail: eff@harriscreekpta.com

Financial Review
Chairpersons: Erin Sloan

Board Sponsor : Ashley Schneider
E-mail: FinancialReview@harriscreekpta.com

Fundraising - Krispy Kreme and Christmas Store
Chairpersons: VACANT

Board Sponsor : Ashley Schneider

Chairpersons: Kristy Hamilton

Board Sponsor : Jessica Hood
E-mail: hospitality@harriscreekpta.com

Chairpersons: Jennifer Freeman

Board Sponsor : Jennifer Freeman
E-mail: membership@harriscreekpta.com

Retail Rebates (Box Tops, Coke Gives, Grocery Stores)
Chairperson: Nichi Mitchell

Board Sponsor : Nichi Mitchell
E-mail: RetailRebates@harriscreekpta.com

School Store
Chairperson:  Charisse Ingraham & Beverly Conaway

Board Sponsor : Ashley Schneider
E-mail: store@harriscreekpta.com

School Supply Coordinator
Chairperson:  VACANT

Board Sponsor : All
E-mail: supply@harriscreekpta.com

Social Media
Chairperson: Heather S. Pew

Board Sponsor : Nichi Mitchell
E-mail: socialmedia@harriscreekpta.com

Spirit Nights
Chairperson:Jessica Hood

Board Sponsor : Jessica Hood
E-mail: spiritnight@harriscreekpta.com

Spirit Wear
Chairperson: Crystal Straughn

Board Sponsor : Jennifer Freeman
E-mail: spiritwear@harriscreekpta.com

Rebecca Rich
E-mail: sponsorship@harriscreekpta.com

Chairperson: Jessica Hood

Board Sponsor : Nichi Mitchell
E-mail: volunteer@harriscreekpta.com

Chairperson: Nichi Mitchell

Board Sponsor : Nichi Mitchell
E-mail: webmaster@harriscreekpta.com

Chairperson: Niroshi Wijewickrema & Jessica Hood

Board Sponsor : Jessica Hood
E-mail: yearbook@harriscreekpta.com
​photos: hcesyearbook1@gmail.com


HCES PTA Chairperson Job Descriptions


5th Grade Celebration Chairperson and (1 or 2) committee members organize the end of year celebration for the 5th graders and their parents. This person works closely with the principal, 5th grade teachers, and 4th grade parents on soliciting food donations, decorations, and student awards. Some of the tasks you are responsible for include:
  • 5th grade group activities that fall outside of what the usual classroom representatives can handle, this includes communication with 5th grade parents about special events.
  • Planning a party
  • Coordinating the graduation ceremony and reception
  • Coordinating the food, set-up, and clean up
  • Preparing and printing the graduation program and certificates
  • Request volunteers for graduation week activities

Note: Prior to the beginning of the planning process, be sure to meet with the 5th grade teachers to find out what they have in mind for the celebrations.

The time commitment for this position is at the highest during the last two months of school (May and June).


Athletic Club
  • Fall Session - Help get ready for Fun Run / Spring Session help get ready for 5K Select a team (to help with dates when coordinator can’t attend)
  • Set up day of Week/ Time of Day
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator for Sign up Genius for Volunteers
  • Advertise
  • Report any cancellations via email/Work with Social Media Coordinator to post to FB
Walk/Bike to School
  • Advertise
  • Hang Banners/Posters around School
  • Work with local law enforcement if needed to help with traffic duty



Beautification Chairperson helps improve and maintain the school grounds.   This includes organizing work days to week, mulch, and maintain gardens. This also includes working with the Principal and others to select a date and time, arranging for the building to be unlocked.  At least 2 weeks in advance - work with Volunteer Coordinator for Sign up Genius (Provide list of materials needed)
This position requires availability at two SATURDAY event dates.




Book Fair Chairperson and committee members work to organize the dates for two Book Fairs (Fall and Spring). The Book Fair Chair(s) work directly with Media Center Director Mrs. Ellington and with teachers to create teacher wish lists and schedule classroom visits. The actual Book Fair dates require many volunteers and the committee works with the Volunteer Coordinator to create SignUpGenius volunteer sign-ups. The most active time is during the actual Book Fair (two weeks each). Requires Chairpeople to have ability to volunteer multiple times during weekday hours during Book Fair,  




Box Tops for Education Chairperson collects, prepares, and mails the clipped Box Tops that are collected by each classroom. This position also requires the Chairperson to:
  • Abide by the Box Tops for Education rules posted on the website for coordinators
  • Organize a Box Tops competition
  • Organize prizes for the Box Tops competition
  • Maintain a list of classroom Box tops numbers for the competition




Eagle Fun Fest Chairperson leads a group of volunteers to plan, organize, budget, set-up, clean up, and more for the Eagle Fun Fest held every spring. The volunteers form the following committees:
  • Games
  • Food
  • Silent Auction
  • Entertainment
  • Set-up/Tear Down
The Games Committee is responsible for organizing games and prizes for Eagle Fun Fest. The Food Committee is responsible for organizing the food to be sold at Eagle Fun Fest. The Silent Auction Committee solicits and collects Silent Auction donations for Eagle Fun Fest. They also work with teachers on their class baskets as well as runs the Silent Auction along with the volunteers the day of the event. The Entertainment Committee solicits and coordinates entertainment acts for Eagle Fun Fest. Finally, the Set-up/Tear Down Committee is responsible for coordinating volunteers to set-up and prepare booths and food stands. Later, they are responsible for dismantling and storing all of the games and booths. Plus, the make sure the school grounds are clean. Each of the committees work together to coordinate their portions to plan an awesome Eagle Fun Fest.


Fundraising Chairperson (ATTRACTIONS BOOKS AND BOOSTERTHON)  acts as liaison between the fundraising companies and the school. This person schedules and prepares for fundraising events, collects money, and troubleshoots issues that may arise during the two major fundraisers of the year. The two major fundraisers that are currently held are Attractions coupon books and the Boosterthon Fun Run. Additional fundraisers are Krispy Kreme certificates, Holiday Store and Change Challenge.  During planning, the work is approximately two hours a week. When it comes time to prepare handouts, books, and count money, this time is higher, approximately 10 hours a week.

Hospitality Chairperson organizes and prepares monthly teacher luncheons on early release days.  Jobs include menu planning, volunteer requests sent to Volunteer Coordinator and day of event set up, service, and clean up.  This position also spearheads Teacher Appreciation Week activities and celebrations.  Works closely with the treasurer to ensure budget is adhered to and requests for checks are made in a timely manner.  




Membership Chairperson is responsible for recruiting families to join the HCES PTA. This position also requires the Chairperson to:
  • Create, print, and distribute flyers to parents and staff to recruit families to join the HCES PTA
  • Coordinate with the Newsletter/Website Chairperson to publicize the membership drive
  • Sell PTA memberships at Open House, and all PTA-sponsored activities throughout the school year
  • Distribute the North Carolina PTA membership cards
  • Maintain an accurate record of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and more
  • Provide membership information to the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • Provide email addresses to the Volunteer Chairperson to add to the monthly PTA News list and SignUpGenius emails
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer to send the state and national portion of the membership dues to the state office my November 15th and March 15th
  • Return unused member cards to the NCPTA
  • Upload spreadsheet to the NCPTA database





School Store Chairperson coordinates with PTA, teachers, and vendors with the selection of school store items. This position also requires the Chairperson to:
  • Work with volunteers to maintain the school store schedule - Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.
  • Maintain inventory for school store merchandise
  • Work closely with the treasurer to ensure accurate and detailed account guidelines are maintained
  • Coordinate deposits with the treasurer


School Supply Coordinator - Work with Ms. Dolan to determine School Supply vendor that will ship directly to the school. Work with teachers to obtain supply lists in enough time to get set up on the vendor website. Schedule the early supply drop with Ms. Sanchez/Ms. Dolan. Obtain volunteers to work the early supply drop off. Organize a mid-year school supply drive.


Social Media Coordinator is responsible for the HCES PTA Facebook page along with it's contents. As page administrator, you are constantly monitoring the current events and announcements of the PTA and the school. Duties include promoting events, school milestones, emergency alerts, weather delays, school closings, and more. Engaging followers with "welcome" notices, reminders of track outs, early release notifications, etc. is a must for this position. The Social Media Coordinator works closely with the Membership Chairperson to encourage followers to join the PTA and with the individual committee chairpersons to promote events.

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for cross-posting all volunteer request alert links to the HCES PTA Facebook page. We do not (currently) have a Twitter page for the HCES PTA. This decision was made so that we do not compete with the HCES main Twitter page that the school uses for alerts. The Social Media Coordinator should follow the school Twitter page and cross-post when appropriate. Monitoring the Wake County Public School System Facebook and Twitter pages is recommended.

The Social Media Coordinator posts the text for the weekly ALL-CALL's provided by the Principal each week and reminds followers of important dates and events throughout the year. You are the first line referral for questions. The Social Media Coordinator must adhere to all school policies and procedures when answering questions about the school and refer any questions to the school administration when necessary.

Skills needed:  strong computer skills as well as strong Facebook familiarity and navigation skills.
Tools necessary:: An active Facebook account, smartphone that can access FACEBOOK PAGES application, and a Twitter account (not required but recommended).
Time required for this position include daily monitoring at the very least. You do not have to post every day, or be tethered to your phone during track out, but as with most social media, engagement with followers is the key to the success of the page.




Spirit Nights Chairperson arranges spirit nights with local restaurants and sponsors then communicates the locations, dates, and times in order to advertise the events. The spirit nights chairperson prepares signs and announcements to notify staff, students, and parents about the schedule spirit nights. After the spirit nights occur, the Spirit Nights Chairperson works with the spirit night sponsors to receive donations for our contributions.




Spirit Wear Chairperson cordinates with PTA, teachers, and vendors regarding design and selection of items. This position also requires the Chairperson to:
  • Create, print, and distribute flyers and order forms to teachers, students, and parents
  • Display and sell spirit wear items at PTA-sponsored events
  • Distribute orders after production
  • Maintain inventory for spirit wear
  • Work closely with the treasurer to ensure accurate and detailed account guidelines are maintained
  • Coordinate deposits with the treasurer




Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for creating all online SignUpGenius Volunteer alerts that are sent out on a rolling basis as events occur. All alerts can be created on your time at night or on weekends, if you work. The time spent depends on the month and how many events the HCES PTA has on the calendar. It is a year round position with the busiest seasons in the Summer AND Fall. and Winter and Spring are comparatively quiet.

There is no particular track that is best suited for a parent to be assigned to perform this position successfully. It does NOT require you to be in attendance at all events to oversee volunteers who sign up. You are solely responsible for soliciting volunteers. You are encouraged and welcome to sign up for a volunteer spot, but it is not a requirement.

The volunteer coordinator must work ahead of the master calendar so alerts can be approved by an Executive Board member and the individual committee chairs before the alerts are released to the PTA membership. This position is in contact with the PTA President and individual committee chairs regularly, therefore it is necessary to be accessible by email, phone, or text. In addition, the volunteer coordinator is in constant contact with the Membership Chairperson to ensure that new members are added to the distributions in a timely manner.

The volunteer coordinator is also responsible for creating and sending out a monthly "PTA Members Only" overview email highlighting the month's events, volunteer opportunities, and advanced "save the date" notices. Time spent is again dependent on the month being previewed. Success in this position does require regular attendance at monthly PTA meetings as updates and requests are reviewed at each meeting.

Skills needed:  strong computer, organizational skills., attention to detail
Tools necessary: include high speed internet access, cellular/messaging access, and access to a computer.
Time necessary:  one hour a month for the monthly PTA meeting when possible, five hours a month (once comfortable with the online software) generating and distributing alerts, and about one half hour creating the monthly overview for PTA members.


​Website Chairperson is responsible for updating and maintaining the HCES PTA website. Familiarity with the Weebly website editing is helpful but it is a relatively easy platform for a computer savvy person to learn. 




Yearbook Chairperson is responsible for collecting candid and professional photos for the HCES yearbook. The Chairperson works with other Yearbook Committee members and the faculty advisor to design and approve yearbook art and design.  Responsible for being the main contact to the publishing company who processes online payment system.  Creates, gains approvals and distributes promotional flyer for staff and students. 


  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors at which he/she may be present, and shall designate another officer to preside when he/she will not be present (in the absence of such designation, the board may elect any board member to preside at any meeting);
  2. Shall coordinate the work of the officers, the board and the committees of this local PTA;
  3. Shall perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws or assigned to him/her by this local PTA or by the board of directors;
  4. Shall sign all contracts of this local PTA that have been approved by the board; and
  5. Shall be an ex officio voting member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Vice President(s)

The vice president(s) shall perform duties requested by the president and the board of directors. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president, or the vice presidents acting together if there is more than one, shall assume the duties of the president until a new president is elected pursuant to Section 6.4 of these bylaws.


The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors and shall perform such other delegated duties as may be assigned by the board of directors, and shall maintain a file of important documents related to that local PTA, including but not limited to:

  1. articles of incorporation of this local PTA;
  2. the current uniform local bylaws approved by NCPTA and adopted by this local PTA,
  3. the current standing rules of this local PTA, if standing rules have been adopted by the board;
  4. minutes of past meetings of the general membership and board of directors;
  5. a copy of the official membership roster provided for in Section 5.3 of these bylaws;
  6. a current roster of board members;
  7. a current roster of all committee members and chairs;
  8. legal documents, including but not limited to insurance policies and contracts;
  9. current and past tax returns; and
  10. current and past audit reports;

At the end of his/her term, the secretary shall transfer this file of important documents to his/her successor as secretary.


  1. Collect, deposit and maintain all funds of this local PTA in approved depositories (including, but not limited to, all monies collected as local dues, raised in PTA activities, received as contributions, or otherwise acquired);
  2. Disburse funds in accordance with the annual budget adopted by this local PTA, and maintain records identifying the purpose and payee of all disbursements;
  3. Maintain a current record of income, expenditures, assets and liabilities of this local PTA, and make all financial records available for inspection and review by the audit committee;
  4. Present a financial report of income and expenses at each meeting of the general membership and the board of directors, which report shall compare current income and expenditures to the approved budget;
  5. Remit dues to NCPTA in accordance with Article 5 of these bylaws and the current NCPTA good standing requirements;
  6. Prepare a year-end financial report by June 30 showing the total income and expenditures for the fiscal year, comparing those figures with the budget approved at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the assets and liabilities of the local PTA, and submit that report to the incoming president, treasurer and audit committee;
  7. File all required tax forms and reports in a timely manner, including but not limited to tax returns for the previous fiscal year, and submit copies of all such filings to the secretary of this local PTA;
  8. At the end of his/her term, transfer all financial records to the audit committee by July 1; and
  9. Provide assistance to the audit committee upon request.